Company Profile

Shanghai Rongyuan Fluorocarbon Products Co., Ltd. (Shryflon) established in 2004, is located in Shanghai, China.

With the support by abundant experience and technologies, Shryflon specialized in series of fluorocarbon products formed-processing. In the following fields, extrusion of continuous length ptfe tubing, precision ptfe tubing, special shape ptfe tubing, multi-lumen ptfe tubing, value-added services, etc. Shryflon is in the lead.

Our main products are as follows:

<1>PTFE Products: extruded tubing, pipe, special shape tubing, convoluted tubing, heat shrinkable tubing,multi-lumen tubing,marked tubing, monofilament; gasket, component parts etc.

<2>FEP, PFA Products: extruded tubing, film, etc.

<3>Value-added services: flaring & flanging, changes in diameter, spring tubing, cutting tubing, thermosetting/forming, seal port, etc.

Shryflon is approved with ISO9001:2008certificate by SGS, and our products approved with Rohs certificate by SGS.

We always insist that Quality and Services is the motive power of company’s development. You are welcome if you contact us whenever it is necessary.

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