• Details: PTFE Tubing ( Polytetrafluoroethylene)Shryflon®  PTFE tube is pure PTFE fine powder through paste extrusion, obtained by sintering.■ Property●Best surface lubricity●Biocompatibility●Operating Temp. -328℉~+500℉●Excellent dielectric insulation performance●Excellent chemical resistance●Excellent non-stick●Excellent weatherability flame resistance■ Type●ST type:standard tubing,usually milky●TL type:good toughness, usually translucent●TP type:good toughness and rigidity, usually transparent■ Size●ID:0.002~1.0in●THK:0.002~0.2inThe size of ID and THK according to manufacturing and the actual demands ...
  • Details: PTFE Multi-lumens TubingShryflon®PTFE multi-lumens tubing is based on the user's specific requirements and design, through a unique extrusion technology providing multiple lumens or passages. The information of design kept confidentially to each customer. ■Advantages●Best surface lubricity●Biocompatibility●Good toughness and diameter changes easily●High dielectric strength●Chemical resistance●Fluid non-stick●Minimally invasive tube component miniaturization●Resistance to+500℉
  • Details: PTFE Special Shapes Tube & PartShryflon®     PTFE Special Section Tubing& Parts are based on the user's specific requirements and design, through a  unique extrusion technology providing special shape. The information of design kept confidentially to each customer. ■ Advantages●Tubing external fixed assembly convenience●The reliability of the inner hole solid traffic●Best surface lubricity●Excellent dielectric insulation performance●Chemical resistance●Operating Temp. -328℉~+500℉●Biocompatibility
  • Details: PTFE Marked Tubing(color stripe tubing) Shryflon®  PTFEColor stripe tubing is added the color stripe on the outside wall to distinguish  between internal fluid or tubing  the color can be customized according to customer requirements. Mainly for internal tubing system needs to strictly distinguish. ■ Advantages●Tubing component fixed assembly convenience●Tubing fluid distinguish convenience●Excellentfluid non-stick●Excellent dielectric insulation performance●Chemical resistance●Operating Temp. -328℉~+500℉●Biocompatibility ■ Size●ID:0.02~0.4in●THK:0.008~0.08inThe size of ID and THK according to...
  • Details: PTFE control cable liner (SDGTM tubing)Shryflon®  PTFE control cable liner (SDGTM tubing) is a pure PTFE fine powder or added high-performance resin modified by extrusion, sintering and made of the tubing. SDGTM tubing has the lowest coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance, mainly used in automobile, IT, aerospace, and machinery etc..■ Type●SDG-10: PTFE(pure PTFE no filler modified) tubing, natural●SDG-20:PTFE (PPS modified) tubing, brown●SDG-30:PTFE (high temperature abrasion resistant resin modified) tubing, yellow ■ PropertyItemsTest MethodSDG-10SDG-20SDG-30Base MaterialN/APTF...
  • Details: Secondary Operations(Value-added Services)  Shryflon®  value-added services mainly provide the PTFE / FEP / PFA tube secondary processing services to our customers, which can improve efficiency, save labor costs and time, reduce scrap and waste, improve overall  profits. ■Etching●Improves the bondability of tubing without effecting mechanical properties●Can be etched on the ID, OD or for specific lengths on the end
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